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Pro The Who 57th Anniversary Thank You For The Memories Signatures Shirt

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The researchers conducted online survey of 189 U.S. adults in June using Amazon’s Mechanical Turk service. The survey included an assessment of authoritarianism, in which participants indicated...

Alden · Iowa January 11, 2021

Wonderful Yes I Am Old But I Saw Panther On Stage Signatures Shirt

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IMO he's actually got a pretty bulletproof legal case here. The state can claim the right to implement laws that make sense for public health, but putting chairs up as a form of protest on his own private property is going to be held as a clear use of his first amendment rights -and it's going to be...

Alma · Illinois January 9, 2021

Good I Jogged With Chip And Pepper 1987 Young And Free Shirt

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Just in case nobody knew, since this is local to me, the whole story is that the canceled outdoor dining. He threw a protest, he had a packed outdoor area. The health inspectors came and temporarily canceled his license. This is a video of him being fined for operating a restaurant without a license...

Alexander · Iowa January 9, 2021

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