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  • User Description: Place, Wrong Time: Hear Zoe'S Story On The World Nomads PodcastMy meals tour guide Miss Moon models my glass of contemporary beer in Hanoi.Beer in Cambodia is a bottle of Angkor. In both Vietnam and Cambodia virtually each tourist bar and restaurant has joyful hour – typically lasting most of the day. In many locations, 2-for-1 mixed drinks and cocktails can be had for $2.50 or slightly more.Is Vietnam and Cambodia worth visiting?Obviously, if you have all the time in the world, my advice is to travel Vietnam and Cambodia. But if you have a real life back home that you have to live, then it's better to just visit one per trip. It would take about six weeks to explore all the best attractions in Cambodia and even longer to see Vietnam's sights.Both Cambodia and Vietnam are very protected locations to journey and dangers that are widespread within the west, like pickpockets and violent crime, are almost non-existent. Bag-snatching can occur in Phnom Penh and Ho Chi Minh City though, so don’t dangle your purse temptingly by the facet of a busy highway. For price range travellers, Cambodian lodging is marginally cheaper. However, it’s tougher to find fantastic finances lodging in Cambodia, so Vietnam wins this round for price range travellers. In Cambodia, the upscale tourist market is smaller, so you'll find great resorts and great boutique hotels on the identical value as you may pay for a Motel 6 or Best Western somewhere else.Most travel is finished by bus, so the ticket worth stays the identical whether or not you’re by yourself or in a bunch. There are plenty of clear, low cost hostels virtually wherever you'd need to go. And when you like your privateness, you may get a nice spotless non-public hotel room for round $12.If you might be travelling as a household or over the age of 40 you will principally likely not encounter any issues.If you're a backpacker you'll have to be on your guard at all times notably in siem reap and phnom pen.Vietnam is an overall safer place with fewer scams and annoyances to watch out for. Both countries are perfectly safe for travellers and most scams are prevented just by being smart and aware. Many scams are focused at younger men, and contain excessive consuming, drugs, and sex. If you avoid silly and unlawful behaviours, you should be OK.You can simply show up on the border or the airport and buy a visa then and there. You do have to be careful for border scams in Cambodia and expect to should pay an additional couple of dollars in “charges” to the border guards. It’s a little annoying but just part of the experience. Lots of tours, actions, and journeys should be done by tuk tuk.That stated, both international locations have unbelievable meals and I wouldn’t make the choice primarily based on food alone. If you've a decent budget and are travelling in Cambodia with associates or household, hiring a automobile and driver could be the best way to go. These providers are usually far more dependable than public transportation and will get you all over the place twice as quick. Safety – Cambodia’s bus security document is not nice so it’s price it to find a reliable bus firm.More overseas interests are transferring into the nation and developing Cambodia for mass tourism, so when you’re gonna go, go quickly. In Cambodia, finding those gems is much more of a challenge, although they do exist. On the finances finish of the dimensions, you’re more likely to be roughing it in Cambodia, with issues a little less clear and a little less polished for tourists.

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